CNDC provides support services to inner city residents in three neighbourhoods of Central Park, Centennial, and West Alexander. CNDC aims to alleviate poverty through individual and group capacity building. Services are offered, on the honour system, to those who self-identify as living below or just above the poverty line.

The CNDC is a vibrant socio-economic development agency that helps residents build stronger and safer neighbourhoods in the Centennial, Central Park and West Alexander communities of Winnipeg.

Funded by the province of Manitoba’s Neighbourhoods Alive program, the Winnipeg Foundation, and the Winnipeg Housing and Homelessness Initiative, the CNDC focuses on program support and delivery in the areas of safety, housing, education, health, local business growth, recreation, area revitalization and capacity building.

Neighbourhood development is built on the ideas and commitment of community members. Working in partnership with you, the CNDC strives to create safe streets filled with community-derived initiatives. Through local consultations, the CNDC offers members of the community the opportunity to apply for grants to promote neighbourhood development.

Supporting the grant process by working with residents is a priority for neighbourhood improvement. CNDC staff will assist and support residents to identify enterprising projects, develop proposals for grant applications, and evaluate the effectiveness of project delivery in their community.

Residents and employees in the three central neighbourhoods can become members of the CNDC. Please contact us with your ideas, concerns and most importantly, your solutions.


2012-17 Five Year Plan (Summary)

Final 2012-17 CNDC 5YR Plan (Full)